Honoring Cathie Bruce’s Thirty Years at Justifacts

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Cathie Bruce

Thirty Years of Awesome!

Work anniversaries tend to pass by without much excitement. A yearly review is followed by a yearly review. It can be so easy to take our cherished colleagues for granted. Our coworker’s kind words, exceptional work performance, and trusted leadership becomes an expected part of everyday life, quietly unnoticed.

Then, comes an anniversary that demands to be noticed and an employee that must be acknowledged. To let such a thing get swept under the rug would be unjust, unconscionable and unfathomable. Such an anniversary is being celebrated at Justifacts and we would like to take a moment to honor our employee of 30 years, Cathie Bruce.

Justifacts looked very different when Cathie first walked in the door. The office was a one-room startup and Cathie was one of the first real employees. The equipment was sparse, and getting things off the ground was not going to be easy. Needless to say, not every employee who walked in the door was enamored with our tiny space and even tinier client list. But, Cathie could see the potential and was willing to put in the hard work needed to help things take off. Sitting in that small office space, I don’t think any of us could have imagined the Justifacts of today.

Since those early days, big changes have taken place. Technology had to be learned, challenges had to be overcome, and skills needed to be sharpened. Some feared the changes and ran from the challenges, but Cathie remained always steadfast, always ready to take on the next new thing. Over the years, Cathie has survived it all with a smile on her face and a reassuring word for those of us lucky enough to be around her. Loyalty like Cathie’s is a rare and precious thing.

Today is an exciting time in our industry. Technology is making things possible that were never possible before. Opportunities are opening in areas we would never have dreamed of thirty years ago. No doubt, there will be up and downs ahead and unseen difficulties may wait around the corner. Lucky for Justifacts, we have the unwavering dedication of a talented, extraordinary woman to take the ride with us! Thank you so much, Cathie!! We appreciate you very much.



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