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Background Check Services

34 Years of Excellence - Over 3.5 Million Checks Completed

Founded in 1982, Justifacts has been providing accurate, cost effective and efficient background screening services to companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune-500 companies worldwide.


Customer Service

At Justifacts, we match each client to one specific Account Manager along with his/her dedicated team. If you have questions, your Account Manager will take your call directly and provide answers in a timely manner, making you and your concerns a top priority.

Turnaround Time

Justifacts understands that a pre-employment verification report is only one component of the hiring cycle. We apply a streamlined process so that each report is completed accurately, and in most cases, within 48-72 hours.


Furthermore, our state-of-the-art online reporting system, Justiweb, conveniently coordinates all of our services and provides 24-hour online access to reports in real-time. Our easy-to-use interface includes a number of features, such as administrative reporting capabilities, which ensure a seamless, uncomplicated and more efficient hiring process. Additionally, Justiweb has the ability to integrate with various ATS platforms. ATS integrations include, but are not limited to the following ATS Providers.

At Justifacts we understand that employees are the backbone of any organization, and now more than ever it is essential to have peace of mind during the hiring process. Whether it is a criminal background check, an employment verification, pre-employment drug test or a degree verification, we recognize that each report is another opportunity to strengthen our clients' workforce.

Guide to the FCRA

Applicant / Consumer Access

If you are an applicant that would like to request a copy of or dispute the findings in a Justifacts Background Report, please click on the appropriate link below for access to our request forms:

Request copy of Report

Justifacts Applicant Dispute

Industry Spotlight

Justifacts serves a variety of industries. Find out how Justifacts can provide industry specific solutions.

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