Financial & Insurance Industry

In order to ensure a competitive business environment with a strong return on investment, financial institutions need to protect their assets, maintain regulatory compliance, and mitigate risk by utilizing stringent hiring practices. These hiring practices should include customized employee screening to help make informed hiring, underwriting, and risk decisions. Verification of the proper certification, license, or degree for the position is a necessity.

Justifacts recommends the following products and solutions for financial and insurance companies:

Hire with Confidence

Hiring the right people is critical to your business. The high-quality information you get from a Justifacts’ background check helps take the guesswork out of your hiring process. We take the time to verify sources and ensure maximum possible accuracy in each of our reports.

Gold Standard Security

We don’t take any chances when it comes to securing your candidate’s personal information. Here are a few of the ways we work to keep your applicants safe:

  • Data traffic is protected by a Verisign Class 3 Extended Validation SSL SGC Certificate
  • All background checks are completed in the country of origin
  • Conform to the security standards set forth in the PCI Compliance Standard


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[Real] Help Fast

When the need arises, you can count on the fact that you are a single phone call away from expert support. Your dedicated account manager has the knowledge and expertise to answer questions and solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Learn how Justifacts helped automate both the screening process and department audits for Liberty Bank.

Banking Case Study

“It’s a no-brainer to work with Justifacts. Long-standing relationship (predates the company that I work for now) Good to know that you have my back and the bank’s!”
– Mary, Banking Industry