Reference Checks

Reference ChecksReference checks provide valuable insight into a candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall suitability for a position.

Professional Reference Check

Professional reference checks include an interview conducted with a co-worker, supervisor, or educator who has direct knowledge of the candidate’s performance and dependability. If a performance review cannot be obtained from the provided reference, we will pursue an alternative professional reference as determined by the client’s desires.

The information contained in a professional reference check includes:

  • References relationship to the applicant
  • Length of the professional relationship
  • Information about pertinent work experience
  • Information about the applicant’s overall character

Personal Reference Check

Personal reference checks include an interview with a friend or member of the community who can provide information about an applicants personality traits and character.

The information contained in a personal reference check includes:

  • References relationship to the applicant
  • Length of the relationship
  • Insight into an applicant’s hobbies and community involvement
  • Information about the applicant’s personal character and traits

Customizable Questions

Interview questions can be customized to meet your needs, usually at no additional cost.

No Fees for Additional Phone Calls

We never charge extra fees to get you the information you need.

In-Depth Interviews

Our trained verification specialists ask probing follow up questions to obtain the most complete and accurate professional reference information available.

Will You Reach out to an Applicant if References are Unresponsive?

Yes, with your permission, Justifacts will reach out to your candidate if assistance is required in obtaining professional references. There is typically no additional charge for this service.

How Can I Speed up the Process?

It is extremely helpful to instruct your candidates to contact their professional references to let them know that their name has been provided as a reference. This gives your candidates the opportunity to verify that they have provided correct contact information for the reference and greatly increases the likelihood that references will respond to requests in a timely manner.

How well do you know your candidate?

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