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Every non-profit’s success depends on the efforts of trustworthy and talented volunteers. Justifacts background checks help your non-profits and volunteer organizations maintain a safe environment by reducing risk, thereby reducing liability and avoiding lawsuits which can also result in loss of reputation.

In addition, Justifacts helps to make sure that the people you serve are in good hands, allowing you have more time to focus on accomplishing your mission.

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Flexible Payment Options

Our online invoicing system is customizable. Any necessary modifications can be set up to meet your specific needs, including the option of cost sharing with your volunteer applicants.

Hassle-Free Implementation

With our efficient on-boarding process, starting up in stress-free. In most instances we can have you up and ready to go in one day.

Safeguard Your Organization

It only takes one person to jeopardize an entire organization’s reputation and hard work. A thorough background check can is your first line of defense against those who threaten your good name and pose a risk to the people you serve.

Learn how Kitsap Mental Health Services enhances both reporting metrics and turnaround time by utilizing Justifacts’ employment screening system features.

Non-Profit Case Study

Learn more about our PA Act 153 Solution for state required PA Act 153 Clearances.

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“I don’t know how we ever did this with paper forms in the past. Since the initial onslaught of manager requests, we have had about 10 or 12 assistant coaches who asked for background checks through the system, the last one was just yesterday. We’re very pleased with it.”

 – Eric, Non-Profit Industry

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