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A strong background check and pre-employment screening solutions are imperative for higher education institutions. Conducting comprehensive background checks on all faculty and staff who work on campus enables our clients to provide a secure environment for both the employee and student populations, while at the same time protecting the integrity and reputation of the institution. Justifacts understands the very real threat that an ill-informed hiring decision can pose. Because up to 55% of job applicants misrepresent their skill set on their resumes, our background checks are done with the utmost diligence and meticulous attention to detail.

Justifacts has proven experience in providing comprehensive employment screening solutions to many of today’s leading colleges and universities, and we can provide the expertise required to develop a thorough screening program that best meets your institution’s needs.

One Source for Higher Education Pre-Employment Solutions:

We also offer screening solutions for PA Act 153 Clearance for all Pennsylvania organizations. The Pennsylvania Act 153 law was established to protect our children and it is certainly worth the effort to make this program both compliant and successful.

PA Act 153 Case Study

Complete Coverage

Justifacts offers cost-effective screening solutions to ensure that all personnel, including volunteers and temporary workers, are properly vetted. Best practice recommendations include performing comprehensive background checks on all individuals who who come in contact with students, are involved with security, have driving responsibilities, and/or are involved in financially sensitive positions.

Post Hire Re-Check Solutions

Justifacts is able to offer ongoing and annual criminal and motor vehicle re-check options to uncover any problems that may have occurred post hire. Our clients have access to an easy-to-use system that will send automatic reminders based on your specifications to let you know when it is time for an employee’s re-check.

Keeping Candidates’ Personal Information Secure

Justifacts will never take chances with your candidates’ personal information. We conduct all of our verifications out of our United States-based offices and will never offshore any parts of your applicant’s background check. Justifacts conforms to the data, systems and general practice security standards set forth in the PCI Compliance Standards.

Industry Associations

Justifacts continues to participate in the higher education field by joining industry associations such as the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA) and the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE). We are a PASSHE preferred provider and our reputation within the industry is second to none.


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“I have brought Justifacts to the last three organizations that I have worked with and this is due largely to the level of customer service I receive from our dedicated account manager. He consistently meets and exceeds my expectations.” 

– Sharon, Education Industry

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