Background Check Case Study: College & School, Mansfield University

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Justifacts Case Study

University Automates State Compliance Screening Regulations by using a Justifacts PA Act 153 Solution

Justifacts Case Study

Mansfield University is a rural campus nestled in the mountains of north central Pennsylvania, ranging aroiund 2,900 active students. The University is located in Mansfield, a town that shares a founding date of 1857 and much rich history with the University.

First Challenge: Vendor Offshoring Customer Service

Prior to using Justifacts, Mansfield University had been performing the employment screening process with a company that acquired their provider for all of the necessary University-specific screening searches. “We were notified that a new company was taking over my previous vendor and afterward everything fell apart,” explained Employment Manager, Billie Sue Morgan. “They took a very long time to set up the account and I quickly realized that my account was actually being outsourced to another country.”

Justifacts Case Study

Second Challenge: New Screening Requirements for Pennsylvania universities

Pennsylvania Act 153 requires all school employees, volunteers and independent contractors who have contact with students under the age of 18 to pass a series of three background checks every three years. Billie Sue stated, “We needed an efficient process for the required background checks on 550 student workers and 450 employees.”

Justifacts Case Study

Solution: A One Stop PA Act 153 Screening Solution

Justifacts helped Mansfield University by offering a comprehensive University-specific screening package that complied with the PA Act 153 requirements. This package, along with the Justifacts Applicant Portal System, provides all of the

necessary applicant information within the easy-to-use Justiweb System. “Justifacts has accommodated us with Act 153 compliance and made the process very easy. We decided to utilize the services right away.” explained Billie Sue. As applicants complete the Applicant Portal, all of the necessary forms and waivers are displayed within the Justiweb System. The process reduces the HR workload during the screening process. Billie Sue stated: “The results were fantastic after using the Applicant Portal feature. It is so simple for us to use.”Justifacts Case Study

Superior Customer Service

Justifacts provides a dedicated account team structure comprised of Account Managers available for questions or clarification of information. “Justifacts is so proactive and accommodating, especially with the child abuse clearance. I get immediate response to my calls and it only took I’ve minutes to set things up differently when I had an issue,” explained Billie Sue.


A combination of the Justifacts PA Act 153 screening solution and Applicant Portal System automates the rigorous Pennsylvania University screening process. Billie Sue concludes, “The process is so streamlined now and has made a cumbersome process much more user-friendly. With all of the new requirements that we have to verify,  everything is much easier now!”