Energy and Petroleum Industry

Energy and Petroleum companies provide entire industries with the power to operate efficiently. These industries are reliant on a safe and dependable energy source that requires dedicated employees to keep systems operating properly. An accurate background check is essential in order to ensure that a workforce can safely operate expensive equipment, maintain an accident-free workplace, and work in accordance with Department of Energy standards.

Justifacts offers a customized set of services designed specifically for the oil and gas industry. No matter what your requirements are, Justifacts will partner with you by offering flexible, creative, and cost-effective packages that help meet all of your screening protocols. We pair each of our clients with an experienced account management team that is dedicated to providing personalized service and thorough, accurate reports.

Recommended Package for Energy & Petroleum Pre-Employment Solutions:

Stress-Free Provider Switch

Our efficient onboarding process and dedicated account team, make switching to Justifacts a breeze. We offer no cost web training, unlimited user setup, technical support and any easy to use dashboard.

$0 ATS Integrations

Integrating your ATS provider with Justifacts could not be easier. We are integrated with 20+ ATS Providers and best of all, we charge $0 on our end to integrate with your ATS provider of choice.

Extended Workforce Vendor Screening

Having a consistent hiring practice means applying your screening process to vendors and contractors who have direct access to your facility. Justifacts can work with you to develop solutions to ensure there are no gaps that could leave your organization vulnerable.

Order Entry Options

When it comes to a remote and widespread workforce, initiating a background check can prove to be a challenge. Justifacts offer order entry options tailored to meet the needs of your organization and the candidates you employ. All of these options are per your preference and available at no additional cost.


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Order Entry options include:

  • Justifacts’ Automated Applicant Portal Tool
  • Direct integration with your ATS
  • Online manual order entry
  • Direct File Upload
  • Secure email/Justifacts’ personnel perform order entry
  • Faxed request/Justifacts’ personnel perform order entry
“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to sing the praises of Justifacts!! We have been with Justifacts going on 4 years and have been very pleased with the service and screenings we have received. I use their online web page and find it to be very user-friendly. The information they send us has been very accurate and timely. …We have used 4 different screening companies until we started using Justifacts and are approached many times by other background screening companies. I have to say that no matter how less expensive or “quick” another background screening company says they are, we will stay with Justifacts because of the customer service. If you choose Justifacts, I know you will be pleased with the service you will receive as well as the references they will perform for you.”

 – Tammy, Petroleum Industry