Address Verification Services

Address History VerificationA Powerful Background Checking Tool

An address verification or address history is a useful tool for all clients who want to conduct a comprehensive criminal record search.

Although job applications and resumes contain present and, in some cases, past addresses, adding an address search not only validates the address information that has already been obtained, but it often includes additional addresses and names that need to be checked for possible criminal activity.

Clients can choose from the following Address Locator options:

  • Experian Social Search: instantly matches and retrieves from Experian’s database the latest consumer identification information reported on that particular social security number.
  • US One Trace: similar to the Experian report, but it is obtained from a privately held database. It provides a name and address history based on the given social security number.

Uncovers Alias Names

Provides Address History

Road Map for Criminal Record Searches

Why do I need to search for aliases & maiden names?

The primary reason for requesting an address verification search is to confirm the current address of an applicant and to determine if there are any other names and/or addresses that should be used when performing criminal record searches. Criminal records are maintained in specific jurisdictions and indexed by name, so knowing where to search and under what names is critical to obtaining the most complete information. Justifacts has options for using the address history search, and we can automate the ordering of criminal records based on the information returned.

Do these searches verify my candidate’s social security number?

These searches only confirm that the number provided is a recognized social security number. They do not validate that the social security number matches the specific individual.

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