Multiple Employment Monitoring

Multiple Employment Monitoring provides you the opportunity to initiate a dialogue with your workforce. This report identifies employees who may be working more than one full-time job simultaneously, then you can proactively address the individual’s situation, their productivity and any potential security risks, while sustaining greater equity across job functions.


Designed to help HR leaders improve culture, productivity and job equity

Today’s work environment provides employers and employees with greater flexibility. At the same time, that flexibility may also reduce manager oversight, opening up opportunities for employees to work more than one fulltime job simultaneously. When employees take on multiple full-time jobs, their work productivity may decline. Co-workers can often notice the diminished productivity first. If not acted upon, perceived inequities can sometimes harm workforce culture and retention.

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Helps business leaders better protect against potential security risks

Having a hybrid workforce can help provide employers and employees with greater flexibility and scalability, but with this approach comes greater concern for employers around how to help lower competitive risk while preserving an employee’s focus and productivity. And with predictions of more than 36 million employees working remotely by the year 2025, the need to understand an employee’s employment status will continue to grow. Multiple Employment Monitoring provides employers the ability to help mitigate risk while upholding an employee’s integrity by monitoring their active employment status.


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