Manufacturing & Construction Industry

Companies in the manufacturing and construction industries face the constant threat of deadlines, which are further impacted by safety concerns. In this tough environment, they confront staffing issues on a daily basis.

Justifacts understands that maintaining a safe, accident-free workplace is vital to the industry’s success. We offer a customized set of services designed specifically for the manufacturing and construction industries.

One Source for Manufacturing Pre-Employment Solutions:

No Cost Order Entry Options

We have a full range of order entry options developed to meet the needs of you and your candidates. Justifacts offer no-cost options for both automated and manual order entry based on what works best for your organization.

Job Site Safety

Justifacts can assist in establishing a safe work environment by a developing the right drug testing program to fit your needs. Employees who abuse drugs in the workplace are 3.6% more likely to be involved in workplace accidents. A single employee with a drug or alcohol problem can compromise the safety of themselves, their coworkers, and your clients.

One Stop Shop

All components of your candidate’s background check are available in one easy to read Justifacts’ report, including drug and medical testing. It’s streamlined, it’s simple and it’s everything you need to make the best hiring decisions.

Learn how Justifacts’ Applicant Portal reduced turnaround time for Cres Cor.

Manufacturing Case Study

“The responsiveness of the Justifacts Sales and Account Managers has saved us time and money. Their continual willingness to assist us has made Justifacts the obvious choice. “

 – Gail, Manufacturing Industry

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