Background Check Case Study: Manufacturing Industry, Cres Cor

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Cres Cor

Cres Cor Eliminates Time Constraining Steps from their Screening Process by Utilizing Justifacts Applicant Portal

Cres Cor has been a moving force in mobile Food Service history since 1936. This family-owned company is centrally headquartered near Cleveland, Ohio. With over 275,000 square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facilities, they have made a company-wide commitment to unsurpassed reliability and superb customer service.

The Challenge: Labor-Intensive, Time-Consuming Employment Screening Process

Justifacts case study

Justifacts case study

Prior to using Justifacts, Cres Cor had been working with a background check vendor which relied heavily on the Cres Cor HR department to initiate the hiring process. For years, Cres Cor had struggled with a time-consuming, paper-focused process that required both HR and applicants to take multiple steps in order for their vendor to perform an employment screening search.

The process required applicants, after a job order was sent, to physically come back to the office and complete all of the required background authorization documents. Additionally, the HR department would have to fax all of the signed documentation, including the application, to the background check vendor and wait for confirmation. Cres Cor’s previous vendor ordered only one other option: to manually enter all of the applicant data. “It could be time consuming and tedious,” explained Melissa James, Human Resource Manager. “What we also did not like was forcing the applicant to come back to the office to complete paperwork.”

Solution: The Justifacts Applicant Portal

Justifacts helped Cres Cor by offering the Applicant Portal System which allows users to send a request directly to their  applicants enabling them to securely complete only the necessary personal information and sign the associated waivers required to process their background check.  The process of Justifacts case studycollecting all of the data from the employee, copying all 4 pages of the application, and performing credential data entry is no longer necessary.  Melissa stated:  “With the Applicant Portal, we only enter their name and email address, after that it is off to the applicant!” Once the Applicant Portal request is received by the applicant a step-by-step process is provided which includes a mouse-over signing technology, to obtain a ‘wet signature’ online to further speed up processing.

Hands-on Customer Service

Justifacts provides a dedicated account team structure comprised of Account Managers available for questions or clarification of information. “It’s great that I can instantly have a Live Chat with my Account Manger and not with someone that isn’t familiar with my process,” explained Melissa. “I had a system issue and within 30 minutes my issue was completely rectified!”


A combination of Justifacts’ solutions and unmatched customer service reduced both the HR workload and turn-around time for Cres Cor’s employment screening process. Melissa states, “It streamlines the information that we are receiving from the candidate so that it’s the most actuate data and reduces errors. It has saved me tons of time.”

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