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In an industry where cost and speed of service are a priority and where applicants have to be screened and placed on the job with minimal notice, timing is crucial. Staffing firms need a reliable background checking partner who they can depend on to provide a quick turnaround, along with exceptional service and quality reporting.

With over 35 years of experience, Justifacts’ fast turnaround time and superior technology will give you the help that you need to confidently place your candidates in a timely manner and put you ahead of your competitors.

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No More Forms

Going paperless has never been easier! Justifacts’ Applicant Portal option offers integrated waivers and wet signature capabilities.

Faster Turnaround Times

All information is reported in real time as completed. The average time for a completed report is just 2.8 days.

Custom Packages

Do you serve a diverse client base and need options to fulfill specific requirements? Justifacts offers unlimited customized package options at no additional costs.

Applicant Portal Tool

As an alternative paperless solution to a direct integration, Justifacts offers an easy-to-use Applicant Portal tool that enables clients to send a request directly to their applicants enabling them to securely complete the necessary personal information and sign the associated authorization waivers required to process their background check.

Clients simply select the proper screening package, provide the applicant’s name & email, and with a click of a button, all of the work is done! Best of all, Justifacts’ Applicant Portal System features comprehensive tracking and automated notification tools for the management of any outstanding requests. Smart technology that includes integrated waivers, and wet signature capabilities. Required fields ensure that we get all the information we need to process your candidate’s background check quickly and efficiently.

“I have dealt lately with clients that do their own screenings by using companies that have outsourced the jobs overseas. Not one of these places takes less than a week to complete what you have done in less than eight hours. “

Dave – Staffing and Recruiting Industry

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