Hospitality & Food Service Industry

The hospitality industry is an exciting, people-centered and time-demanding industry. Excellent customer service is a must. You need to make sure you have just-the-best people greeting your guests and helping to create a remarkable experience for your customers. Background checks help decrease the cost of employee turnover and provide you with a valuable tool to help place the right people in the right positions.

Justifacts recommends the following products and solutions for the hospitality & food service industries:


Service Workers

Peak Season Solutions

Our state of the art technology is highly scalable to easily handle high volume requests. Batch ordering services are also available for most of our background check services.


Reduce Risk

Employee theft, including ID theft, costs the food service industry an average of $3 billion per year. A comprehensive background check is the first line of defense in helping to protect your organization and the customers you serve.

International Capabilities

Just because your candidate is coming from overseas, doesn’t mean you cannot obtain valuable background check information on him/her. Justifacts is able to provide background screening in over 120 countries around the globe.

Management Made Easy

Managing your onboarding process when multiple locations are involved can present a significant challenge. Justifacts makes it easy by offering clients a three-level user access hierarchy.

  • Administrative users have full access to all completed reports and pending search results along with account information and reporting tools
  • Regional users have access to any reports they request as well as access to any defined Divisional users they may oversee.
  • Divisional users have access to only the reports they themselves have requested with no access to account information or administrative reports

We know that processing background checks can be a big job, therefore with Justifacts, you have the ability to enter an unlimited number of users in the system, at no additional cost!

“I’d like to mention that our Account Manager is always incredibly helpful and quick to respond to any issues or questions I have. She’s been a really fantastic source to rely on and it’s nice to do business with a company that take every opportunity they can to make sure my needs are met.”

 – Kelsey, Food Service Industry

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