Certification and Professional License Verifications

Professional License Background ChecksCertification and Professional LicenceĀ Verifications confirms license and/or certifications earned or awarded to an applicant.

Whether your need for a professional license verification is to satisfy a legal requirement for a confirmation, such as for a nursing license or is a simple fact-finding mission. There are many benefits of verifying your applicantā€™s license or certification. When your employees are properly credentialed, your organization gains greater liability protection, regulatory compliance, quality control, and peace of mind.

Professional License and Certification information includes:

  • License/Certificate Type held by an applicant
  • Issuing Agency
  • Any disciplinary actions or restrictions
  • License number
  • State of issue
  • Issue date
  • Expiration date
  • In certain cases, legal requirements for certain job positions

How often do you find adverse information on professional license checks?

In 2016, two percent of the professional license searches Justifacts completed contained adverse information.

Are there fees associated with professional license checks?

In most cases, there are no additional fees associated with professional license checks. In the rare instances where fees are required, those fees are passed on to the client for approval.

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