Ongoing and Post-Hire Background Checks

Post-Hire Background Check SolutionsWhile pre-employment background checks are critical, they only serve to provide a snapshot in time of a candidate. A lot can happen during the hours outside of work. Over the course of a month, a year or several years concerning behaviors can creep up that greatly impact an employee’s ability to do his/her job. Regularly scheduled background re-checks are an effective means of maintaining a safe workplace, mitigating risk and ensuring that employees are living up to your company’s standards. Get safe, stay safe.

Many employers are required to conduct post-hire re-checks due to federal and state mandates. Other companies choose to conduct on-going background checks when an employee is promoted or as a matter of internal policy. Whatever your situation, Justifacts offer several post-hire background checks including batch uploads and automated reminder notices to ease your burden.

No Cost Employee Management System Tool

Justifacts offers all of our clients a free Employment Management System Tool to help keep your entire ongoing screening process efficient and simple. Using this free tool clients can:

  • Import lists
  • Conveniently self-manage employee lists
  • Create regularly scheduled screening events
  • Create random events
  • Easily view existing and future scheduled events right from your client dashboard
  • Stay organized with a fully automated reminder system
  • Ensure a fully compliant process from start to finish

Post-Hire Screening option includes:

  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Motor Vehicle Record Checks
  • Ongoing Driver Monitoring Services
  • Sanctions Checks
  • Credit Checks
  • Drug Testing and Medical Screening
  • Exit Interviews

Legal Compliance

To maintain regulatory compliance, many employers, such as those in the medical and transportation industries, are required to conduct routine post-hire background checks on current employees.

Moving Up the Ladder

When an employee’s position changes to include added responsibility, a new background check may make sense. Management roles may require education verification or credit checks that simply weren’t necessary for an entry-level role.

Being Proactive

With your reputation and the safety of those you serve on the line, it benefits you to take a proactive approach to potential problem behavior which could lead to negligence lawsuits, employee theft, and/or violence in the workplace.

Do I need new disclosures and authorizations for ongoing & post-hire background checks?

That depends. If you conducted a pre-employment background check on an employee and your disclosures and authorizations are worded in such a manner that the consent is in effect for the duration of that employee’s tenure with your company, technically you should be fine with using one disclosure and authorization for ongoing background checks. Best practice would be to have an upfront and established policy in which employees are fully aware that re-checks are done in a fair and consistent manner. It never hurts to provide advance notice to an employee that you are conducting a re-check and to renew their disclosure and authorization at that time as well.

Of course, if you do not have any disclosure or authorization or the language in your current disclosure and authorization indicates that the authorization is strictly for pre-employment purposes, you will need to provide a disclosure and get a signed authorization before proceeding with a background check on a current employee. Furthermore, there are states that require new disclosure and authorizations each time you run a background check on an employee.

You should always have legal counsel review your background check process to ensure total compliance with both state and federal laws.

Are batch uploading services available?

Yes, using Justifacts’ Employee Management System tool, you can choose to use batch ordering services for most of our background screening offerings; including criminal background checks, motor vehicle record searches, education confirmations, and sanction lists (such as National Sex Offender Registry, OFAC, etc).

How can we customize your background screening process?

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