Credit Report Solutions

Credit Report SolutionsA credit report solution can assist in making a hiring decision by quickly and cost-effectively providing objective and factual credit information. It provides insight into an applicant’s integrity and responsibility toward his or her financial obligations. This information should be considered whenever hiring a candidate for a position of financial responsibility and trust or when the position involves the handling of money or other valuable property.

Justifacts is an approved provider of both Experian and TransUnion credit reports, and we offer credit checks for employment purposes.

Credit Report information includes:

  • Balance and payment history of credit accounts and loans associated with the applicant
  • Corroborating evidence of identity, age, employer, and residence, which are useful when searching for County Criminal Records.
  • Additionally, each credit report compares the applicant’s name to the Office of Foreign Control (OFAC) list of Specially Designated Nationals (SDN).

A Word of Caution

While a valuable part of an overall background check, it is important to note that an employment credit report may not be appropriate for every job category. Although allowed under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), many states have passed legislation limiting the use of employment credit reports to only those positions that require it.

Justifacts recommends consulting with legal counsel to determine the applicability of any legislation specific to the use of credit checks for employment purposes.

Employment Credit Checks

Useful for any job position that involves financial responsibilities including business managers, billing staff, upper management, and others with financial dealings.

Tenant Credit Check

Recommended for landlords and property managers, this search contains the most comprehensive nationwide consumer credit information available.

Business Credit Reports

Provides insight into the validity, financial stability, and performance of business prospects, clients, and vendors to help you make informed choices.

Why is an on-site inspection required?

Due to security concerns as well as Experian/ Trans Union requirements, all employers that desire access to credit report information will be required to undergo an onsite inspection of their facilities. There is an additional charge for this inspection.

Does running a credit check affect the candidate’s credit score?

No, an employment credit check does not in any way affect your candidate’s credit score, nor is it listed as an “inquiry” on the credit report.

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