Background Check Case Study: Nonprofit Industry, Kitsap Mental Health Services

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2018)

Justifacts Case Study

Kitsap Mental Health Services Enhances Both Reporting Metrics and Turnaround Time by Utilizing  Justifacts Employment Screening System Features

Justifacts Case Study

Kitsap Mental Health Services is a private, not-for-profit community mental health center that provides both mental health and behavioral health care services to children, families, adults and seniors in Kitsap County Washington. Through comprehensive inpatient and outpatient programs, individualized and tailored care is provided to individuals who struggle with mental illnesses. Services are designed to help consumers function as independently as possible.

Challenge: Background Check Vendor System Inefficiencies and Unreliable Turnaround Times

Justifacts Case Study

Prior to using Justifacts, Kitsap Mental Health Services had been performing the employment screening process with a different vendor for all of the necessary screening searches that a non-profit must adhere to. For years, KMHS had struggled with both the notification of report progress and the unpredictable completion of search results. “Before using Justifacts, we were unable to check the progress of the reports,” explained Sr. Human Resources Analyst, Cathy Gahler. “Additionally, there was no time frame on when we might receive a criminal history report.” These concerns, coupled with the security requirements that non-profit organizations need, led KMHS to switch to a background check vendor that fit their needs.


Solution: Comprehesive system features and reliable report turnaround times

Justifacts enhanced the KMHS screening process by offering comprehensive reporting features and turnaround time metrics from the Justiweb System. This system, along with the Justifacts Applicant Portal feature, provides all of the necessary applicant information all in one place. “The Applicant Portal feature is basically a oJustifacts Case Studyne-step process. You just simply submit your request and can access the progress of the report.” explained Cathy Gahler. As applicants complete the portal process, all of the necessary forms and waivers are complete and available within the Justiweb System. This process allows KMHS to quickly access any information in the event that an applicant is claiming false credentials. Cathy stated: “We like that we get a heads up when a report is adverse. The process lets us quickly see if an applicant is being honest.”

Superior Customer Service

Justifacts provides a dedicated account team structure comprised of Account Managers available for questions or clarification of information. Cathy states, “Justifacts is more responsive than our previous vendor. The reports are very easy to interpret. If I ever have any questions, I call and speak to someone about compliance questions. Everything is easy and everyone is always very nice! ”


The Justiweb System features combined with the reduced report turnaround times gives KMHS peace of mind through the entire screening process. Human Resources Technician, Akiko Nishikiori-Greenwood, concludes, “Justifacts has helped us feel confident that we are making a good decision and really gives us the whole picture of the applicant.”