Background Check Case Study: Banking Industry, Liberty Bank

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Justifacts Case Study

Liberty Bank Automates Both Their Screening Process and Department Audits by Utilizing a Justifacts Banking Solution

Justifacts Case Study

As a full-service financial institution, Liberty Bank offers consumer and commercial banking, home mortgages, insurance, and investment services. Liberty maintains along-standing commitment to superior personal service and unparalleled community involvement.

Challenge: Time-Consuming Employment Screening Process, with a Complex Vendor Network

Prior to using Justifacts, Liberty Bank had been performing the employment background check process with a variety of vendors for Justifacts Case Studyall of the necessary banking-specific screening searches. For years, Liberty Bank had struggled with both the information that was provided and allocating the data to each applicant. “Every time we performed an applicant screening we would have to go through 4 or 5 different sources to get the information that we needed,” explained Executive Assistant, Gail Rivard.

Securing applicants’ personally identifiable information was also a concern. “There was the possibility of different team members handling paperwork and at times, some forms could get disconnected,” stated Diversity Officer and Training Specialist, Brenda Woods. After moving to a vendor that was willing to consolidate the searches, Liberty Bank soon found that not all background screening vendors are created equal. Understanding that applicant screening information is essential to both the hiring process and proving due diligence for audits, Liberty Bank decided that there may be a better solution for their department.

Justifacts background check

Solution: A One Stop Banking Background Check Solution

Justifacts helped Liberty Bank by offering a comprehensive, banking-specific, background check package. This package, along with the Justifacts Applicant Portal System, provides all of the necessary applicant information within the easy-to-use Justiweb System. “The comprehension of the reports that we get from Justifacts is far more valuable than before and the Banking package that we use is definitely a match made in heaven!” explained Brenda Woods. As applicants complete the Applicant Portal, all of the necessary
forms and waivers are complete and available within the Justiweb System. This process gives Liberty Bank peace of mind during department audits. Brenda stated, “The biggest benefit is that everything is in one place, and during audits we are confident that we can show that we performed our due diligence.”

Justifacts Case Study

Hands-on Customer Service

Justifacts provides a dedicated account team structure comprised of Account Managers available for questions or clarification of information. “The Justifacts customer service is off the charts!” explained Brenda.” And Gail states “No matter what it is, our team at Justifacts is very, very responsive.”


A combination of the Justifacts Banking background check solution and Applicant Portal System reduced both the HR workload and documents hiring due diligence. Brenda concludes, “Initially the Justifacts process bought me time, but now the automated process is nothing like it used to be 5 years ago. Now it gives us time to take care of our customers.”