Justifacts Notice Regarding Quest Diagnostics and Labcorp Cybersecurity Incident

(Last Updated On: June 12, 2019)

As an employment background screening provider, Justifacts provides our clients with information that we obtain from various sources. For drug testing, Justifacts drug screening partners utilize both Quest Diagnostics and Labcorp to collect and test drug test specimens.

As you may be aware, Quest and Labcorp recently announced a significant data breach that occurred earlier this year with one of their billing vendors. Justifacts has contacted our drug screening partners about this and both Quest and Labcorp confirmed that drug testing services were not affected by this incident and no consumer data used in the employment drug testing process has been affected by this data breach.

Here are statements from both companies:

Quest Diagnostics AMCA Data Security Incident

Labcorp AMCA Data Security Incident

Compliance Department
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