Product Spotlight: Instant Oral Swab Drug Test

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Product spotlight written by Sarah and Jim Trusilo


Using Instant Oral Swab Drug Testing in your organization: Any organization in need of performing drug testing can benefit from using Instant Oral Swab Drug Testing as part of their ongoing employee management needs. Instant Oral Swabs can especially benefit organizations by drug testing groups of people without having to send them to offsite collection facilities. Using offsite collection facilities can slow down production or project completion, and it frequently requires the employee to take personal time away to complete the drug screening.

What Instant Oral Swab Drug Testing is used for: This type of drug screening is used as a preliminary drug test with instant results that allows the team to receive negative results on the spot. Any employee that does test positive for a controlled substance with an Instant Oral Swab should be taken to a drug testing facility or should have some type of follow up drug test that includes the Medical Review Officer (MRO) evaluation. Since most drug tests have negative results, Instant Oral Swabs can save an organization a significant amount of money on drug testing as well as time.

Why should I use Using Instant Oral Swab Drug Testing? In addition to the potential monetary savings and improvements in overall production, some employers or groups within an organization may benefit from the logistical conveniences over traditional offsite drug screening. Sometimes projects call for employees to be far removed from the home site and the hustle and bustle of daily life, and finding a drug testing facility can pose a new set of challenges in these instances. Because most drug results are negative, or clear, using Instant Oral Swabs makes sense both from a cost standpoint and a statistical one.

What is included in an Instant Oral Swab Drug Testing? This type of testing involves a simple process that requires the employee to swab the inside of their mouth in the presence of a manager, and then to insert the swab into a testing kit. The results would then be provided to the manager instantly. If the result is positive, the employee should be administered a follow-up test that would be reviewed by the MRO.

How Instant Oral Swab Drug Testing is performed: This type of drug testing is performed independently by your organization. When a new box of swabs is needed, you would simply let your Justifacts representative know to order more. In the event of positive drug tests, you could work with your account manager or through our self-service portal to order or coordinate a follow-up, or MRO-reviewed, drug test.

Tips for success: Ensuring you are ordering the boxes ahead of time will allow you to administer the tests at a time that is convenient for your team. It is important that the managers who are administering the tests understand the instructions that will be included with the swabs. Finally, in the event of a positive test, it is highly recommended that the employee who tested positive is taken to a follow-up MRO-reviewed test promptly. Allowing the employee to drive themselves to a follow-up testing facility after they have tested positive for a controlled substance could create liability issues in the event of an accident.

Pair it with: The search can be paired with standard urinalysis drug testing including options such as the Xcup, which is an instant urinalysis drug test. Additionally, there are non-instant oral swab options that allow you to send the swab into a lab for review testing when dealing with remote locations.