Product Spotlight: International Verification

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Product spotlight written by Raina Egan


Using International Verifications in your organization: International verifications are useful for candidates who have lived, worked, and/or attended school in another country.  With the world becoming smaller due to advances in technology and communication and many companies expanding to other countries, international verifications will only become more and more commonplace.

What International Verifications are used For: International verifications can include confirming employment, education, criminal records, references, professional licenses, identification checks, civil litigation, media checks, driving records, financial checks, and directorships for candidates in order to help fulfill a client’s requirements.

Why should I use International Verifications? As with verifying stateside credentials, international verifications are important to ensure that an applicant’s credentials are accurate so that a company can best make decisions on whether to go forward with hiring (or renting or loaning to) a candidate.

What is included in an International Verification? This depends upon why the client is doing a background screening and what a position requires.  For example, if international criminal records are requested, these can include local police checks, national searches, criminal record certificate checks, and/or candidate participation.

How International Verifications are searched: International searches are initiated by our international vendor relations team via our international screening partners in that country who can communicate with that company, school, national or local jurisdiction, et cetera in their native language during their office hours and obtain the requested information.  These vendors are vetted and well-versed in local laws and regulations.  Justifacts has international vending partners in over 120 countries and we are always adding new partners.

Average Turnaround Time: The average turnaround time on international verifications can vary by country, due to factors like the political climate, local laws and regulations, events such as school and company closures due to holidays, and government stability.  However, every effort is made to ensure as quick a turnaround time as possible.  Depending on the needed search, these can be anywhere from several hours to several weeks.

Tips for success: Procuring needed documentation from the candidate for international verifications early on (copies of degrees, passports, driver’s license or national IDs, etc) can help speed up the verification process.

Pair it with: (Domestic) Education and Employment Verification, if applicable; professional references.