State of Pennsylvania passes ‘Clean Slate’ law

(Last Updated On: July 10, 2019)

Special Announcement to all State of Pennsylvania employers:

Governor Wolf signed Act 56 of 2018 (“Clean Slate”), which goes into effect on June 28, 2019. Clean Slate uses an automated computer process to identify and shield from public view (1) offenses with dispositions that are not convictions, (2) summary convictions more than 10 years old and for which payment of all court-ordered financial obligations is complete, and (3) convictions graded as a misdemeanor of the 2nd or 3rd degree, or ungraded wherein the defendant has been free from any other felony or misdemeanor conviction for 10 years and completed the financial obligations of the sentence.

Justifacts will continue to report all legally reportable cases found in the course of doing a Pennsylvania county/unified court search. However, as this act will be removing cases from the Pennsylvania court system, Justifacts does anticipate situations where previously reported cases will no longer show up in the course of our background checks.

More information on the Clean Slate law can be found here: PA Clean Slate law

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