Justifacts now offers Text Messaging Service

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Text Messaging


Improve Turnaround Time with Text Messaging!

Clients can choose to have Justifacts initiate their background screening process by texting candidates.  Text messages will quickly reach candidates, and bring them to our mobile optimized site to start their background check as quickly as possible.  Justifacts is happy to provide this option for our clients at no additional cost.

The steps are simple:

  • Clients enter the candidate’s cell phone number during the applicant portal process
  • Applicant’s receive a text containing a link to start their background check
  • Clicking on the link brings the applicant to our mobile friendly site and allows the applicant to easily complete the necessary information from their smart phone or mobile device.

Text messaging is safe, secure and improves response time.  A more user-friendly approach for the applicant means that the background screening process is faster and easier for your prospective hires.


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