A Day in the Life of a Verification Specialist at Justifacts!

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Article written by Jeanne Arndt


Justifacts Credential Verification is proud of their skilled employees. Verification Specialists work hard to help companies make informed hiring decisions and to avoid dishonest and unreliable hires by verifying an applicants’ employment, education, and references. They reach schools, companies, and references through several ways, including making phone calls, sending emails and even texting.

Ever wonder what a typical day is like for a Verification Specialist at Justifacts? Let’s follow along with Justifact’s mascot, Lil’ J, and find out!


8:00 AM Lil’ J comes to the office, ready to start a new day! After logging into his computer, he looks at his emails and listens to phone calls.  A verification came in by email last night, let’s get that entered in the system right away, Lil’ J!

Several new files have been added to Lil’ J’s to-do list, and he organizes his workload. He finds one employment that is in England. Since it is afternoon there, Lil’ J makes a call to London right away. Did he miss teatime? No, but he is asked to send an email request to human resources. Lil’ J wastes no time and sends the request with a signed release from the applicant.  Lil’ J knows that every applicant has given their written consent for Justifacts to conduct the background screening and there is a permissible purpose, whether it be for employment purposes or tenant screening.

As soon as Lil’ J finishes calling England, he’s ready to make calls to companies and schools for employment and education verifications. He leaves messages for human resources departments and registrars, always with a smile on his face. He knows people can ‘hear’ his smile! The verifications for each applicant are different, and that is what makes Lil’ J’s job interesting.   He’s calling on a big company right now, but as soon as he hangs up, he will be calling on a little greenhouse company to verify the applicant’s employment. All calls and verifications are important, no matter what the size of the company.


9:00 AM Lil’ J is getting return calls! He carefully records the information given over the phone. Need a signed release from the applicant?  He’s happy to fax or email it!

Most of the time, the verification matches what the applicant provides to Justifacts. Sometimes, Lil’ J finds out that the applicant quit a job without notice, or the degree claimed was not earned. He is careful to document everything correctly. This is important information for our clients! They depend on Justifacts to obtain the most accurate information.

10:00 AM Time for a little Exercise Break! Lil’ J has joined the Justifit Group and receives emails with a reminder to stretch and give his eyes a break from the computer for ‘justifew’ minutes. After a stretch, Lil’ J is right back to work. He is calling professional references now. The applicants provide people who can speak to their work ethic and job performance. This reference gives a glowing account of how the applicant was an asset to their company. Lil’ J records all the information and knows that it will help the client to know the applicant better.

11:00 AM Where did the morning go? Lil’ J is on a roll now. One of the talents Lil’ J has learned in this job is to multi-task successfully. While he is finishing writing a reference, he gets a call from a school. He quickly shifts gears and answers the call. The registrar is happy to verify the applicant’s degree over the phone. Once Lil’ J completes the education verification, he finds the reference and completes that too. Good going, Lil’ J!

12 Noon Lunchtime Time for a break! Lil’ J didn’t realize how hungry he was! It’s a good thing he remembered to pack his lunch today!

1:00 PM Back to work! There’s ‘justienough’ time to enter information from a fax and email verification that came in before going to a team meeting.  Lil’ J joins his team members to learn about some industries’ standards and keep current with changes. It’s not a long meeting, so back to the phones Lil’ J goes!

2:00 PM Time for another Justift break to stretch! Lil’ J stretches quickly because here comes a phone call. Take it quick, Lil’ J!

3:00 PM Uh oh. Lil’ J has a verification that he isn’t quite sure how to handle. It’s a good thing that there are lots of people at Justifacts that he can ask for help: training, quality control, account managers and assistants. Lil’ J decides to email his question to the training department, and they quickly respond. The question is answered, and he moves on to the next file.

4:00 PM Lil’ J has learned how to research using the internet to find the best way to reach companies and schools. He also knows that Justifacts has an excellent IT department that has built a database so he can find out ways we have verified in the past. Lil’ J knows how to use those resources to work quickly, and to be accurate.

5:00 PM Where did the time go? Time to wrap things up for the day. It’s been a busy and productive day at Justifacts!

See you tomorrow Lil’ J!