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Our mission is to be the premier provider of thorough and informative background investigations and to provide this service to clients in a global market. Justifacts Credential Verification, Inc. is committed to furnishing a superior product, providing efficient turnaround time and excelling in customer service in order to meet and exceed our clients’ needs in pre-employment screening and throughout the hiring process.


At Justifacts Credential Verification, Inc. we have been working for over 30 years to help provide businesses and organizations the information they need to make the best hiring decisions. Founded in 1982 by President Jeanette Spofford, Justifacts is just-the-best at providing pre-employment screening services, verifications, and criminal records searches. Our unique capabilities allow us to serve your needs regardless of your size or industry. Our clients include some of the nation’s most successful corporations and businesses and they choose Jusitfacts because our service, quality, and attention to detail are second to none.

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Justifacts takes great pride in our state of art online reporting system, Justiweb, developed by Chief Technical Officer Douglas Beckett and his in-house team of software engineers. Justiweb provides 24-hour online access to your background screening reports in real time. (View a sample report) Additionally, information is protected by the latest in VeriSign encryption technology and remains accessible to each individual user indefinitely. The availability of tiered ID’s and administrative reports makes the entire hiring process easier and our clients’ recruiting staff more efficient. A demonstration of our system is available at your convenience.

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Quality information and excellent customer service go hand in hand at Justifacts. By using our countrywide network of Public Record Retrievers, developed by Vice President of Criminal Records Andrew Yoder, Justifacts fulfills its promise to provide the best criminal background check information available. A well-trained staff of Verification Specialists work diligently to obtain quality employment verifications, accurate degree verifications, driving records, and complete reference checks, in order to expedite hiring decisions. Account Managers are assigned to each client to ensure superior customer service on an individual level.

Above all else, our number one asset at Justifacts is our people. You can be assured that all of our dedicated client teams are U.S. based and provide the highest level of customer support. Our employees’ commitment to excellence is the heart of Justifacts, which stands on the principles of integrity and hard work. The people of Justifacts value our clients’ trust and will stop at nothing to ensure that it is earned.

When choosing a background check vendor, remember: Justifacts has just-the-best technology, just-the-best personal service, just-the-best quality of information, from just-the-best people.

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