Accurate Reporting

Accurate Pre Employment Screening Reports

The information obtained in a pre-employment screening report may make the difference between selecting one qualified candidate over another. Justifacts ensures accurate reporting by implementing several checks and balances to ensure that the data we provide is the data that you can rely on for your hiring decisions. Our reports are all carefully reviewed before they are given our final “stamp of approval.”

Criminal Record Check Results

  • All criminal record results are personally reviewed by the criminal records department before being reported to our clients.
  • Justifacts re-verifies the results from the National Criminal Database in the original jurisdiction, unlike many of our competitors who chose to provide the results instantly.
  • Justifacts conducts periodic vendor spot-checks by sending known “hits” to their vendors in order to confirm that they successfully retrieved all available adverse criminal record information.

Employment Degree Verification

Education verifications are a valuable tool in pre-employment background checks, since they confirm whether your candidate has earned the diploma or degree claimed, thus highlighting your candidate’s qualifications and possibly revealing information about your candidate’s honesty and integrity. Our degree verification process includes the authentication of high school diplomas, GED’s, trade certificates, and post-secondary degrees. Justifacts confirms the candidate’s dates of attendance and the type of degree that was earned, including the major course of study. If transcripts from an institution are required as a measure of the candidate’s academic performance, we will retrieve official documentation from the institution.

Dedicated Account Team

  • Before contacting companies and schools, our representatives conduct research online to confirm that we are using the official contact information for these organizations.
  • Justifacts’ reports include the names, job titles, and full business contact information of the individuals who provide verification of employment and degrees.
  • Your Account Manager conducts periodic spot-checks of the work done by team members by calling the companies to confirm what was verified.
  • Our Quality Control team performs regular audits of our reports to ensure that proper procedures are being followed to obtain and record information.
  • As reports are in progress, you may view them in real-time, to see that we are following the most efficient and professional steps to obtain complete and accurate information.
  • If any information provided to us is incomplete or unclear, we probe for clarification and detail. Many of our competitors will simply report the raw data received, without clarifying it when necessary.

How much effort is your current background screening provider putting into making certain that your data is accurate?

If you are currently in the market for a background check provider for the first time, is accuracy in reporting important to you? When you pay for a report on a prospective new hire, do you want to be sure that the information you are obtaining is complete, detailed, and 100% reliable?

Justifacts is dedicated to providing our clients in-depth, accurate information that will assist in hiring decisions. We go the extra mile to ensure that our reports are based on careful research and detailed interviews with the proper sources.

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