Professional Reference Check

Professional Reference Check
A professional reference check includes an interview that is conducted with a co-worker, a supervisor or an educator, who has direct knowledge of your candidate’s performance and dependability. The primary advantage of conducting a Professional Reference Check is that it aids in determining your candidate’s work habits, as well as his/her demeanor in a business environment. This valuable reference answers question, such as: What were the candidate’s job duties and responsibilities? Did he/she get along well with his/her associates? What was his/her greatest strength? And finally, what areas were most in need of improvement? These questions provide insight into the professional character of your applicant and can be customized according to our clients needs.

Comprehensive Information and No Call Limitations

Justifacts guarantees comprehensive reference check information from various organizational stakeholders. For instance, if the candidate’s supervisor cannot be reached for a performance review, we will substitute a professional reference for the performance review, as determined by the framework of each individual package. Although we are willing to communicate with a reference via fax or e-mail at the reference’s discretion, we prefer to make contact via telephone. By speaking directly with a reference, we are able to ask probing follow-up questions in order to obtain the most complete and accurate employment reference check information available. In addition, Justifacts never limits the number of calls that we make in an attempt to obtain a professional reference, and we will continue our efforts for as long as our client desires us to do so.

Customized Questionnaires

Our standard professional reference check questionnaire provides a comprehensive understanding of each candidate’s work habits. However, since some clients prefer that we ask specific questions in order to ensure that their candidate has the traits required for the position, or in order to maintain compliance with the requirements set forth by regulatory government departments and agencies, we will customize your questionnaire in order to meet your needs. Justifacts is experienced at obtaining the information requisite for the Department of Transportation and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. We typically provide customization at no additional charge, however, the cost is determined on a case-by-case basis. Justifacts also provides personal reference check services, which are similar in method and function to our professional reference check services, but which differ in that they are obtained from individuals who are acquaintances of the candidate and who can speak to your applicant’s personality traits and character. Please visit our personal reference check order to learn more about our personal reference check services.

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