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Once the decision is made to begin employee background checks for the first time, or to switch to a new background check provider, a whole new set of concerns arises. These issues can seem daunting at first glance, and they may include: the time consuming nature of on-boarding, the stress involved in beginning a new procedure, the creation of process difficulties and the overall cost of the service.

When I was new, it was very easy to get a solid grasp on the system and how to use everything accurately. Brandy – Education

However, the drawbacks of maintaining the status quo are significant. If you do not have a background check provider and no procedure for screening applicants, the inherent dangers of trusting that all applicants are honest and without the potential for violence far outweigh the cost of providing a safe and secure environment for employees, as well as for proprietary and/or sensitive information and technology. If you have an in-house procedure in place and are looking for a way to streamline your operations, you will attest to the time consuming and sometimes frustrating nature of the process, which calls into question the cost-benefit ratio of pulling human resources away from the multitude of tasks relating to existing employees and new hires. In addition, if you are already working with a background check provider, pitfalls may still exist. These include: pricing increases, inaccurate reports, inefficient turn-around times, confusing system processes, and questionable customer service. You want a provider who is trustworthy, cost-effective, and personable, as well as one who can navigate the complexities of background checks, without stressing your assets, including your human resources department. Justifacts is that background check provider.

At Justifacts, making the system set-up process stress-free and efficient is the top priority for all on-boarding clients. Our easy-to-use system, paired with dedicated account managers, provides the perfect balance for an uncomplicated vendor transition or procedure implementation. Both the account and sales managers take the time to understand each user’s individual needs and provide a simple step-by-step guide for requesting reports. Whether it’s a background screening, a 10 panel drug test, or a professional license search, our dedicated team offers training for each user according to that user’s specific needs.

Our efficient on-boarding process and dedicated account managers make the following available to ensure that each client is up and running properly:

  • Web training
  • Setup for individual users
  • Technical support from both Account Managers and Sales Managers
  • Simple, easy-to-use system dashboard
We understand that our pre-employment screening services can impact the hiring process, increasing accuracy and efficiency. Find out how easy Justifacts can make your transition to a better world of background screening.

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