Industry Experience and Reputation

Background Screening Experience and Reputation

Justifacts comes from humble beginnings. In 1982, our President, Jeannette Spofford, began providing background screening services from a spare bedroom. Ms. Spofford has developed Justifacts into one of the nation’s longest tenured and most respected background search companies, by providing services for over 30 years. The industry is forever changing, and staying compliant with adjustments to laws, procedures and government agencies is not easy. Justifacts is an active participant in prominent background screening associations such as the NAPBS, SHRM and CUPA, and strives to keep all of our clients informed of industry changes.

A message from our President about our 30 year anniversary:

As the president and founder of Justifacts, and with the assistance of an exceptional management team, I have developed Justifacts into one of the nation’s oldest and most respected background screening companies.

With over 30 years of experience in the background check industry, Justifacts provides background investigations to more than 2,400 companies in various industries including health care and educational institutions.

Additionally, the staff at Justifacts is proud of our web based technology that provides our clients with easily accessible reporting options, including management reporting and a complimentary applicant tracking system for clients who need one. Clients, who use more robust applicant tracking systems, like the fact that Justifacts’ web based reporting system, Justiweb, integrates with most applicant tracking systems. At Justifacts we offer flexible, individually tailored employment screening options that are the result of continuous technological innovation.

Next to our clients, our team of experienced, U.S. based, background screening specialists are the backbone and foundation for the services that Justifacts provides. To insure superior client service, each client is assigned a team of specialists that is smart, well trained and knowledgeable. At Justifacts, 80% of our employees hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

Whether you are already using a background screening service, or simply looking for one, rest assured that all of us are here at Justifacts for one purpose – to have a positive impact on the lives of our clients by providing background screening services that are easy to use, legally compliant, efficient, cost effective and accurate.

My Best Regards,

President – Jeanette Spofford


When working with Justifacts, you can have the peace of mind that your pre-employment screening vendor is not another “fly-by-night” and inexperienced start-up. After three decades of success, we continue our mission to be the premier provider of background screening services in the United States.

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