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Unified Court System
As technology advances, many states are implementing a unified court system, which maintains uniformity among the counties of a particular state and is a valuable resource for searching criminal records. This system is typically created and maintained by the state’s Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) and consists of a single database that is used by all of the counties in the state. In general, the information in the unified court system is in real time, with updates made as soon as court personnel enter data into the system.

Our Experience and Knowledge

With the rise in usage of these unified systems, many states are offering access to their court records via the Internet. This allows remote access to the court’s computer system without the need to physically go to the court. While this has made searching records convenient, there are many pitfalls in using online access. The primary issue is how much information is available online. In other words, how far back do the records go? Also, each state uses its own software system, with each having its own distinct search methods, and many unified court systems allow the searches to be run either statewide or on an individual county basis – all at the discretion of the user. It requires skill and knowledge to interpret the results obtained from an online search. Justifacts’ experienced researchers possess extensive knowledge of these different systems, including understanding how the information is indexed, knowing how to access the information by using the proper input parameters, and accurately identifying the acronyms and abbreviations used by a particular system.

Search Benefits

The implementation of unified court systems has presented an opportunity for Justifacts to provide a comprehensive, statewide criminal record search in a timely, cost-effective manner. This search contains the most up to date criminal information available and can be considered the best option for a court record search in those states utilizing a unified system.

It is important to note that for those companies that are statutorily required to perform a specific state-based criminal record search, the unified court search is not a replacement for that search. However, it can be used as a supplement and will help to identify records much more rapidly than some state repository searches.

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