Tenant Credit Check

Tenant Credit Check
Real-estate agents and housing authorities have an ever increasing need to perform credit checks on potential tenants. For this reason, Justifacts offers rental credit checks to our clients. As a landlord, obtaining a rental credit check is an essential step in helping you to mitigate the risk of late rent checks or the expense of an eviction. During unsteady economic times, it is even more important to know the payment habits of prospective tenants. Tenant Credit Checks are a valuable tool for identifying whether or not a tenant will pay on time; therefore improving retention of tenants, reducing vacancies and improving profitability by quickly identifying tenants who may present a financial risk.

Experian or Trans Union Credit Profile Reports

Justifacts Tenant Credit Check offers either Experian’s or Trans Union’s Credit Profile Reports, which contain the most comprehensive nationwide consumer credit information available. They are easy to read and provide the most current and relevant credit information. These credit reports for landlords include: the overall credit score; payment history; past due amounts; public records pertaining to bankruptcies, liens and civil actions; and many other details.

A Powerful Tool for Landlords

The employment credit report also includes more than just credit information. It will typically provide corroborating evidence of identity, age, employer and residence, which are useful when searching for criminal records. Additionally, each credit report requested will compare the applicant’s name to the forwarding address. The primary reason for requesting an address verification search is to confirm the current address of an applicant and to determine if there are any other names and/or addresses that should be used when performing criminal record searches. Criminal records are maintained in specific jurisdictions. For this reason, knowing where to search is critical to obtaining the most complete information. Additionally, criminal records are indexed by name, so an applicant with multiple names may have separate distinct criminal history records listed under previous names. Unless all names and addresses are searched, records may be missed. The address verification search is a powerful tool that can be used to determine which jurisdictions should be searched for criminal records and under what names. Justifacts has several options for using the address history search and can automate the ordering of criminal records based on the information returned.

Misinformed rental decisions can be costly; let Justifacts provide you with an accurate and cost-efficient rental credit check. When combined with a criminal background check, the tenant credit report enables the landlord to make an informed rental decision.

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