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With the passage of a variety of legislation, particularly the 1996 “Megan’s Law” and the 1997 “Jacob Wetterling Improvements Act”, all 50 states have created and maintain sex offender registries. These registries are used to track the whereabouts of those defendants required to register as part of their sentence. In addition to the state registries, these laws mandated the creation of the National Sex Offender Registry, which is maintained by the US Department of Justice.

While all states have a sex offender registry, each state has its own guidelines for accessibility and information that is released. Many states only release to the public information on the most serious or “high risk” offenders, while others have all registered offenders on the public registry. Also, due to the nature of the registries, as a person moves from state to state that person’s name is removed from the previous registry and added to the registry reflecting the new address.

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has created the “National Sex Offender Public Registry”, which is a cooperative effort between the DOJ and the various states in order to allow a single national query to obtain information on registered sex offenders. This system is used as a pointer to find in which states a person is registered, and it allows the user to connect directly with each state’s sex offender registry.

Justifacts’ Process

Justifacts searches all publically available sex offender registries, as well as the DOJ National Registry. If an entry is found on a sex offender list, we conduct a follow up search with county court records in order to determine whether reportable case information exists on any registered sex offender. Additionally, since the states of California and Nevada limit the use of sex offender registry information for employment purposes, we report only applicable information to our clients, in compliance with the law.

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How we saved a University from hiring Jerry Sandusky

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