Professional License and Certification Verifications

Professional License Verification
A Professional License Search verifies license and/or certifications earned or awarded. This search verifies – date received, status, standing, expiration date and all other pertinent information.

Whether your need for a professional license verification stems from a legal requirement for a confirmation, such as a nursing license verification or is a simple fact-finding mission, the many benefits of verifying your applicant’s license, certification, or credentials are clear. When your employees are properly credentialed your organization gains greater liability protection, regulatory compliance, quality control, and peace of mind.

Why Justifacts

Justifacts recommends a Professional License Verificantion or a Certification Verification for all positions in which a particular license or certificate is required (i.e. accountant, doctor, nursing license verification, teacher, etc.). Justifacts not only verifies the validity of your applicant’s professional license/certification but we provide the search efficiently and in a timely manner. For over 30 years clients have trusted Justifacts when they needed a Nursing License Verification, a Professional License Verification or a Professional License Search.

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