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With the global economy expanding every year and more employers expanding their operations overseas, the need to offer services on an international basis is critical to a complete background screening process. To meet this need, Justifacts has partnered with several companies, who have demonstrated proven international expertise, in order to provide a seamless process to verify the backgrounds of employees who have resided or are currently residing in a foreign country.

Employers should be aware that when it comes to a international background check, the ability to access the same information that is available in the United States is limited. Every country is different when it comes to international background checks. For criminal records, record keeping, technology and availability of public records are varied throughout the world and can present significant challenges to obtaining a comprehensive background check. Additionally, many countries have privacy laws that differ from the United States and limit what information can be obtained by third parties.

At Justifacts, we take extra steps to research various country regulations and requirements pertaining to personal data for employment screening purposes. Simply because data can be obtained, does not mean that data can or should be used for employment screening purposes. Data protection and privacy laws vary from country to country. Even within a country, laws may be different among the various jurisdictions. For example, Canada has jurisdictional differences based on province.

Our international background check solution is determined by careful, ongoing reviews by Justifacts, We continually receive input from our internationally experienced consultants, who have developed best practice programs including information from inside and outside counsel and reviews conducted by our global network of in-country trusted partners.

International Screening Partners

Justifacts partners have well-developed internal fulfillment processes and are familiar with the relevant in-country regulations for employment screening. We utilize their expertise and knowledge in specific countries to stay abreast of regulations regarding the compilation, use, and transmittal of information used in our background reports. By using in-country sources, Justifacts is able to take advantage of their knowledge of local laws to provide the most comprehensive search offerings available in a wide variety of countries. Our growing network of providers includes more than 120 countries across the globe, and is comprised of experts in due diligence, data security and compliance.

Justifacts global business is officially conducted in English. Our partners, consultants and staff members provide assistance in translating documents or corresponding with applicants and assist with Justifacts and our client needs.


Justifacts fulfillment platform, Justiweb, is used for global screening. Employers can electronically place orders and receive screening results regardless of their location. At Justifacts, we pride ourselves on our state of the art online reporting system. The system allows for 24-hour online access to your reports in real time. Information is protected by 128-bit encryption and remains accessible to each individual user indefinitely. The availability of tiered ID’s and administrative reports makes the entire hiring process easier and our clients’ recruiting staff more efficient.

Turnaround Time

International screening information results vary country by country and completion times can differ. Several factors may impact the turn-around time including time zones, calendars, cultural differences and environmental or government mandates within a given country. Justifacts account management team and technology system will keep you abreast of all the information pertaining to your search.


At Justifacts, protecting personal information is one of our top priorities. The staff at Justifacts is well aware of the importance of safeguarding our client’s information. For this reason, our Privacy Policy covers the information and security practices mandated by Justifacts and describes how we handle and secure the information provided by our clients and their applicants. All information is collected, stored and used in compliance with applicable law, including but not limited to, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Safe Harbor and other national, and international laws.

Personalized Service

Justifacts is committed to the success of our clients with our personalized customer service, dedicated account managers and over twenty years of industry experience. Justifacts can assist with creating a consistent background check and integrating international searches into the current process. By using the resources we have developed, Justifacts can identify potential problem areas, provide recommended search options and ensure that any specialized process and paperwork is prepared in advance.

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