Employment Verification

Employment Verification

Justifacts offers employment background checks as part of a thorough pre-employment screening. Verification of employment is based on the information provided by the candidate on the resume and/or application. Our team of dedicated Verification Specialists will first attempt to obtain employment verification by telephone. However, many employers require a signature and a request in writing in order to release any employment information. When necessary, we will fax or email a written request with the candidate’s authorization in order to obtain the requested information. Justifacts provides three different options for clients who order an employment background check.

Basic Employment Verification

Our Basic Employment Verification includes verification of the candidate’s dates of employment, job title, salary, reason for leaving, and rehire eligibility. Justifacts asks probing questions to ensure that as much information is obtained as is available, and specifics such as the reason for termination or rehire ineligibility are confirmed in detail.

Comprehensive Employment Verification

Justifacts also offers a Comprehensive Employment Verification, which provides additional information concerning your candidate. In addition to obtaining the dates of employment, job title, salary, reason for leaving, and rehire eligibility, Justifacts conducts a general interview with your candidate’s supervisor. Your applicant’s dedication, character, integrity, attendance, quality of work, and quantity of work are rated on a five-point scale from “poor” to “excellent”, along with his/her ability to follow instructions, to work without supervision, and to get along with associates. Our Verification Specialist also obtains a brief description of your applicant’s job duties and an explanation of any promotions that were earned.

Comprehensive-Plus Employment Verification

Our most inclusive employment background check is the Comprehensive-Plus Employment Verification. In addition to obtaining the dates of employment, job title, salary, reason for leaving, and rehire eligibility, we conduct an in-depth interview with your candidate’s supervisor. The interview provides a review of your applicant’s performance and individual work habits, including questions such as, “How would you compare the candidate’s performance to that of others with similar responsibilities?” Probing follow-up questions guarantee detailed information from the person most suitable to provide it. Additionally, questions can be customized to meet specific clients needs.

W-2 Income Verification Search

This search provides an applicant’s official W-2 transcript and 1099 transcript information directly from the IRS. Results are generally available in as little as 24-48 hours after receiving applicant’s consent. This search can be used to confirm an applicant’s employment and salary information.


Some of the benefits of conducting an Employment Verification include:

  • Verification of employment from your candidate’s application or resume is an indicator of trustworthiness.
  • Verification of the candidate’s salary provides the necessary foundation for effective negotiation of a compensation plan.

Additionally, Both Justifacts Comprehensive and Comprehensive-Plus employment verifications confirm whether your candidate’s job duties and responsibilities were the same as those stated on the applicant’s resume and/or job application.

Both the comprehensive and the comprehensive plus employment confirmations include vital information pertaining to the applicant’s attitude and conduct in a working environment. Since past performance is a key indicator of future performance, an in-depth performance evaluation is the first step in reducing workplace violence and dishonesty.

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