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In the work place today, most employers agree that it is vital to conduct a comprehensive criminal background check of all applicants. Conducting a thorough criminal record search guards against instances of workplace violence , theft and other criminal activity. Additionally, it protects employers from costly negligent hiring law suits. However, navigating the criminal justice system and understanding the myriad of codes, charges and dispositions can be a daunting task.

Some issues, such as dismissals, diversions and convictions may be particularly difficult. Many states have laws that limit the use of non-conviction information for employment purposes, while others limit the use of criminal records to those cases that relate to the job being offered. In addition, federal law limits the reporting of non-convictions to the previous seven years, as do many states’ laws.

Over 20 Years of Criminal Record Reporting Experience

Justifacts criminal records department has over 20 years of experience in dealing with all aspects of the criminal record search process. They are experienced at accessing criminal records, interpreting the results and maintaining compliance with the various regulatory government agencies. Clients can be assured that each report is in compliance with all applicable federal and state reporting requirements.

Justifacts provides criminal records by utilizing a variety of online court services and a network of qualified public record retrievers. Additionally, Justifacts provides clients with a proprietary criminal record database, The National Criminal Database, which contains information from across the United States.

Because, the process of performing criminal background checks is complicated, the first challenge is to decide which court system posse’s information pertinent to your applicants. In the United States, there are two completely separate court systems; the state / county court system and the federal court system. Each of these entities operates independently and does not share information with the other. Also, while state / county court systems are similar, one state does not share records with another, and even the counties within one state do not necessarily share information with neighboring counties.

In addition to the state / county and federal court systems, there are a variety of other records and criminal databases that are available to augment a criminal background check.

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