Address Verification Services

Address Verification Services
An address verification or address history search is a useful tool for clients who want to conduct a comprehensive criminal record search. Although job applications and resume’s contain present and, in some cases, past addresses, usually the required seven years off address information is not available. Conducting an address search not only validates the address information that has already been obtained, but it often includes additional addresses and names that need to be checked for possible criminal activity. This information is obtained from a variety of sources, including postal change of address requests and credit report information. Justifacts recommends conducting an address search as an important part of the background screening process.

A Powerful Background Check Tool

The primary reason for requesting an address verification search is to confirm the current address of an applicant and to determine if there are any other names and/or addresses that should be used when performing criminal record searches. Criminal records are maintained in specific jurisdictions. For this reason, knowing where to search is critical to obtaining the most complete information. Additionally, criminal records are indexed by name, so an applicant with multiple names may have separate distinct criminal history records listed under previous names. Unless all names and addresses are searched, records may be missed. The address verification search is a powerful tool that can be used to determine which jurisdictions should be searched for criminal records and under what names. Justifacts has several options for using the address history search and can automate the ordering of criminal records based on the information returned.

Our Address Verification Products:

Experian Social Search

The Experian Social Search contains information from the credit bureau which includes the various addresses and other names associated with the applicant’s social security number. The Social Search instantly matches and retrieves from Experian’s database the latest consumer identification information reported on that particular social security number. This search can produce previous address and name information for people who have changed their names or moved without leaving a forwarding address.

US OneTrace

Justifacts offers our clients the option to use the US OneTrace search which is similar to the Experian report, but it is obtained from a privately held database. It provides a name and address history based on the given social security number.

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