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Justifacts Reviews
“Since the integration launched, the background check process has increase efficiency by 43% relative to the return of information on completed criminal background checks and the response time from our account team has been exceptional!”
John Turner – Healthcare Industry View the Trilogy Health Services Case Study

“Justifacts is so proactive and accommodating, especially with the child abuse clearance. I get immediate response to my calls and it only took five minutes to set things up differently when I had an issue.”
Billie Sue – Higher Education Industry View the Mansfield University Case Study

“Justifacts is more responsive than our previous vendor. Everything is easy and everyone is always very nice!”
Cathy Gahler – Non-Profit Industry View the Kitsap Mental Health Services Case Study

“It’s great that I can instantly have a Live Chat with my Account Manager and not with someone that isn’t familiar with my process.” “I had a system issue and within 30 minutes my issue was completely rectified!”
Melissa James – Manufacturing Industry View the Cres Cor Case Study

“The biggest benefit is that everything is in one place, and during audits we are confident that we can show that we performed our due diligence. The Justifacts customer service is off the charts!”
Brenda Woods – Banking Industry View the Liberty Bank Case Study

“I just wanted to say that I truly appreciate everything that you do for us. You are always helpful and respond to all inquiries promptly. You are always very friendly and have exceptional customer service skills. Too often we neglect to recognize deserving people so I just wanted to take a minute to do so. Thank you again for all that you do”
Jennifer – Healthcare Industry

“For me personally, the user friendly system is very important. When I was new, it was very easy to get a solid grasp on the system and how to use everything accurately. Now that we have integrated the background waiver into our website, it was very simple for us to explain to students the importance of filling out the information for us and that it was now all online so we did not have to deal with the paper forms anymore. Overall, I believe that this is an exceptional system.”
Brandy – Education Industry

“In today’s credentialing world, speed is everything and your staff has been efficient and helpful in all areas. I wish all verification organizations were as great as Justifacts Thanks — Keep up the good work.”
Lynn – Healthcare Industry

“I have brought Justifacts to the last three organizations that I have worked with and this is due largely to the level of customer service I receive from our dedicated account manager. He consistently meets and exceeds my expectations.”
Sharon – Education Industry

“We are very pleased with Justifacts. This year we were able to get the integration with Taleo and its been working great. Our Account Manager is the best!! She always helps us out when we need her.”
Gina – Business Services

“Thank you for all of your work and support on opening this account. I am pleased with the service that has been provided, the sense of urgency, as well as making me feel as if I was top priority. This really has been second to none. I will absolutely be a champion for Justifacts to future colleagues going forward and recommend dealing with you as highly as I can. Seriously, job well done and I do not take that for granted! ”
Dave – Business Services

“As an organization, we could not be more pleased with the transition we made to become a Justifacts customer. Thus far, you have delivered on every promise. We thank you for the wonderful service to our account.”
Karen – Healthcare Industry

“Our Account Manager provides the best customer service. Truly. She is responsive, helpful, and friendly. I am sometimes “challenged” by logging in, or remembering what I need to do to start background checks and drug screens, and she never hesitates to assist me. If she gets tired of me asking “How do I do that again?”, it never shows. I first started using Justifacts at a job in Pennsylvania. I moved to Savannah, and implemented your service with my employer there, and now we use Justifacts at my latest employer in South Carolina. Our Sales Manager has been by my side all along, also offering great service. So please give our Account Manager and her team a high five (or maybe an afternoon off ) and say thanks for representing Justifacts so well!”
Sally – Energy Industry

“I must tell you, WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE JUSTIFACTS!!!! So refreshing to sign up for something that does everything it was sold to us as and then some. Customer support is A1!”
Angie – Healthcare Industry

“We have been very pleased with all aspects of our relationship with Justifacts. It is “rare” to find a company that not only lets you know where the problem lies but will get involved to fix it with a corresponding vendor vs pushing it back on the client. THANK YOU!”
Angie – Healthcare Industry

“Partnering with Justifacts has been an extremely positive experience. Prior to partnering with Justifacts, we completed references in-house and noticed that the reports that we receive from Justifacts are much more comprehensive. A huge benefit about Justifacts is their system interfaces with our recruiting software. This saves our HR team time when it comes to requesting backgrounds and references. I am most impressed with the customer service standards of Justifacts. The response time to any question or concern is immediate and our Account Representative is courteous, knowledgeable, and quick to respond.
Julie – Pharmaceutical Industry

“We input the first of the MVR’s today and the system and response time was FABULOUS!!! So glad that we made the switch. “
Beverly – Construction Industry

“It’s a no brainier to work with Justifacts. Long standing relationship (predates the company that I work for now – I was introduced to and then worked with Justifacts at Disney) Good to know that you have my back and the bank’s! “
Banking Industry

“This is the time of year I send emails to the managers of all my best business partners to let them know how thankful I am for the partnerships we’ve built. My account manager and her team are indispensable! Always responsive, informative, and helpful. I appreciate all that they do for us. We are a better company today because of our dedicated account team. I also appreciate your efforts to follow up and to assure good customer service. Checking up on my account manager and her team must make your job very easy. Well, at least that part of your job.”
Amy – Manufacturing Industry

“I just wanted to mention how much I appreciate the speediness that Justifacts delivers. I have dealt lately with clients that do their own screenings by using companies that have outsourced the jobs overseas. Not one of these places takes less than a week to complete what you have done in less than eight hours. Thanks again!”
Dave – Staffing and Recruiting

“My results are prompt and thorough. Justifacts helped identify several instances of criminal records that otherwise we might not be aware of.”
Debbie – Healthcare Industry

“Everything with the last two screenings went very smooth and results came back quickly. I appreciate your follow-up and I am happy to be doing business with Justifacts. Thank you for all your customer support. It is very much appreciated.”
Lise – Manufacturing Industry

“I don’t know how we ever did this with paper forms in the past. Since the initial onslaught of manager requests, we have had about 10 or 12 assistant coaches who asked for background checks through the system, the last one was just yesterday. We’re very pleased with it.”
Eric – Non-profit

“With twenty years in the technology industry, I found your web based system to be very logical and user friendly. I am impressed with the technology.”
Chris – Information Technology Industry

“I’d like to mention that our Account Manager is always incredibly helpful and quick to respond to any issues or questions I have. She’s been a really fantastic source to rely on and it’s nice to do business with a company that take every opportunity they can to make sure my needs are met.”
Kelsey – Food Service Industry

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to sing the praises of Justifacts!! We have been with Justifacts going on 4 years and have been very pleased with the service and screenings we have received. I use their online web page and find it to be very user friendly. The information they send us has been very accurate and timely. We perform approximately 100-125 screenings on a monthly basis using a social security number search, employment verification, county criminal searches (based on the social security search), education and motor vehicle report screenings. We will usually have a complete screening within 2-5 days. I have not encountered any hidden fees or problems with their billing. Their customer service support is the greatest thing about the company! They constantly keep us informed of the progress of every background request and are always willing to answer any questions we have. We have used 4 different screening companies until we started using Justifacts and are approached many times by other background screening companies. I have to say that no matter how less expensive or “quick” another background screening company says they are, we will stay with Justifacts because of the customer service. If you choose Justifacts, I know you will be pleased with the service you will receive as well as the references they will perform for you.”
Tammy – Petroleum Industry

“The responsiveness of the Justifacts Sales and Account Managers has saved us time and money. Their continual willingness to assist us has made Justifacts the obvious choice.”
Gail – Manufacturing Industry

“We are thankful for the partnership we have with the Justifacts team. You all are a joy to work with.”
Sharon – Medical Device Industry

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